Monday, 13 August 2012

paradigm shift

You are you, by respecting  and loving yourself for who you are; you are at peace with yourself and consequently with the world. People can only look and produce sounds with their tongue, and even if a time comes when fists must be used; so be it. I am ready for everything. I stand for myself and what I believe. I will not live my life for anyone else but myself; All these years I lived for other people, catered to what they needed and was extra careful not to displease anyone. Well the time of trying to please everybody is over, not only because it is an impossibility; but because in doing so, you waste your own life. You are a fraction of a dot in 7 billion people. Your life is unknown, you are unknown  . Most of the people on earth will never know that you even existed. Nor will they care. You choose what you care about.  It's true. You choose wether you give a fuck or not, wether you invest your precious state of mind to either negative or positive energy. I came to the wise conclusion that in a party of two people, the one who gets upset is the one who loses. By becoming upset about something, it's like holding on to a piece of coal that's burning your hands. After holding on to anger for many years, I understood that it's not worth  it. I made the conscious choice to not only refrain from caring about what other people will say about me, but most importantly; What the boys in my head say. Demons, darkness, call them what you want. They are the voices that reside in your head, from the moment you are born, til the day that you die..and they feed on your investment of feelings to negativity. There comes a time that you know they are just that: Voices. By not even  acknowledging their voices, you annihilate them. Now, only a vestige of an old, broken self, they are just the boys that made you hate yourself. Everyone has them. Their existence is what you decide for them to be. Care, and give your life away. Abstain from caring, and say hello to a new life, a brilliant one.
At the end of the day, who has to live with the result of your decisions? You do. You are ultimately alone in this world.  You'd better learn to understand that hating yourself is like sailing through a raging sea, with nothing but a raft, and while maneuvering it, you start kicking and pull it apart. It makes no sense. Never self-doubt and never quit, and victory will be sweet, no matter what your dream is.

You are on a rock that's floating in space, endlessly traversing the cosmos . Your existence, is a blink of an eye. Our species , as all others, will come and go from this world; Only a footprint of time in the vast abyss of geological time. Live for yourself, not for others. There is no gimmick, no near-death experience to push  you up for a mere 6 months before you fall back to being your old nagging, complaining sack of bones and secrets. No, this is real, because it comes from within, and it is the most brilliant discovery, a paradigm shift that comes once in a lifetime. Only you can feel it the way you do. You just need to take a look inside your mind, and triumphant,  take the reins of your life again, and as the Floyd says: Shine on ,you crazy diamond!