Monday, 21 December 2015

Favorite albums vol.2- Synthpop, Electro, Vaporwave

Artist: Wolfsheim 
Album: Casting shadows
Genre: Synthpop
Year: 2003 
Peter Heppner's voice can easily be recognised. He was one of the duo that comprised "Wolfsheim", a German synthpop band. They made some pretty awesome tracks before going into a hiatus after this album. I keep coming back to this album so it's definitely on my top ten.
 I can't choose a favorite but since I'm in a Heppner mood (this isn't in the album) :
Artist: Kleerup
Album: Kleerup
Genre: Electronica
Year: 2008

Not much to say about this, except that I came across this album a night in 2010 during the summer, along with some other artists. I highly recommend it if you like electronic/ poppy stuff. His most used track is probably "with every heartbeat" which Robyn sings in. The track "until we bleed" is the song that made me like his music.

 Now the last part of this blog is going to be dedicated to vaporwave. Vaporwave is a fad that rose to "popularity" in the 2010s. Its main theme is 80s/ 90s consumerism appeal and aesthetics. Any kid of the 90s can tune in on this. While vaporwave includes other sub-genres, I mostly enjoy the chillwave aspects of it, and of course the 90s aesthetics , e.g. George Costanza and venetian blinds. Drinking coke and playing Sega Mega Drive in the sunset, the young and the restless, baywatch are all vaporwave-friendly . I made a playlist of half an hour that captures the mood and feel of what vaporwave stands for, at least to me. Enjoy!