Monday, 22 October 2012


There are so many people trying to fit in the society molds , it's bad for them , I think.
Why bother, when all of us are who we are, and we are going to be gone soon enough.
What I have now is the bursts of good memories that maybe never were, and thinking of
the past makes it seem more alluring. Memories are made , they do not just happen.
Just like re-writing a page of your diary, with every passing year . But there is something
inevitable, and sweet, no matter how far you go, or high you fly, you'll come back down
to earth. One of these days, you will be a post on an internet forum , 5 years ago, 10.
Fifty years from now , you will be what you felt that night when you reminisced,
but you won't be there to feel it. You, along with the rest of us, will be just another
pawn that came into this world only to leave it . Soon enough, this story will be told
again, from a different perspective, in another time. From another mind, and til we all
return to our rightful place, the solitary bliss of nothingness, it will be a recurring theme
of our daily lives. An elephant in the room that noone dares to notice. Willingly burdening oneself with duties of the Western mindset. Turn on the refrigerator
and change the channel once again then, you paid for it with your whole life. Smile, because the trip is so short, that it makes it seem sweeter at the end, than at the start.
Look back towards the past that comes running towards you, and flattens you with
the power of the present.