Monday, 19 August 2013

Hideki Taniuchi

Hideki Taniuchi's music is amazing.
The chords at 2:26 "Kaiji Ost- Wish" and the bass onwards is out of this world. His music is etched onto my brain , wether I like it or not. After the DEATH NOTE ost , that was it. It still is one of my all time favorite soundtracks and musical compositions in general. Favorite Hideki Taniuchi track is "Kodoku (Solitude)" although in 2007 it was "Suiri (Inference)". Returning to my musical taste origins in 2013 I came across his band Shocking Lemon that I had overlooked before. While I think the DEATH NOTE ost is his best work; great moments exist in tracks like "Star Star" and did I mention his basslines?
The crying guitar sounds of "Kodoku" are reminiscent of post rock and the volume reminds me of shoegaze. The way he spaces out sounds is really great. Although he was arrested for a drug issue in '12 (It's ridiculous that people still go to jail in 2013 for substances they use on themselves while hurting no one) ,I hope he is well wherever he is now, and that he keeps making music after a speedy recovery. Best wishes !


Diablovt said...

A joy to read mate. It's amazing how you still have a passion for music you listened to many years ago.

Morgoth Bauglir said...

Thanks broski