Saturday, 21 November 2015

Music compendium Vol.1: Sting

My little Sting collection

I got the idea some time ago to put some of my favorite artists here for archival purposes. I'll also add a little bit of info explaining why and how I came to like their music and other trivia. This is probably too personal-taste-ey for anyone else to care. However stay if you like music and are open to suggestions, huehehe.These are in no particular order and just off the top of my head. I'll probably add more as time goes by and if I'm not feeling overly lazy. ;0


When I was a little kid (I am eleven and what is this?) I used to watch TV all day long, especially MTV and that one other music channel that we had in Greece at the time. (Before MTV switched to a reality-based channel) So during that time they played Sting's "Desert Rose" video a lot, and it was etched onto my mind, up to this day. Everytime I think of Sting I think of him as he was in that video. Additionally, I used to play Tekken tag tournament a lot (understatement of the century) and Bryan was one of my favorite characters. Now, as we all know, Sting wears sleeveless vests a lot. He is kind of a sporty looking guy. So because it was around the same time, when I watch the "after the rain has fallen" video he reminds me a bit of Bryan from tekken, but I digress. He is at the moment one of my favorite artists. My favorite tracks are too many but I'll put a few of them here . I adore the fact that he can create music in seemingly any genre, from new jack swing to eastern music and kick ass while doing so. I LOVE artists that bring the west and the east together musically, and you'll see me speak of this junction again later in this series of posts.

Video 1: Shape of my heart.
"No women,no kids. That's the rules."

Video 2: Every breath you take
A classic. Imitated by many, second to none. 

 Video 3: Desert rose
The definitive Sting video.

The cinematography of the 90s and early 00s is mind-numbingly beautiful. They simply don't make music videos like that anymore. Or movies or music for that matter. It was a better world, a more innocent world for me anyways. 

End of part one! Stay tuned for more.

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